learning french

This is a learning concept in which the learner views the foreign language on the computer screen and translation
into English just below it.
The learner clicks and hears the pronunciation through the speakers (or headset) and then repeats into the microphone.
His pronunciation is compared with that of a native speaker and evaluated by a graph and a pronunciation meter.
This makes it very easy to master a foreign language within a very short period.

Note that this is not one of those temporary 45-days trial versions found on the internet.
It is a permanent, fully comprehensive and very detailed language program

The centre offers 25 languages including French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic,
Kiswahili, Portuguese etc.
Each language has 2 levels with 153 lessons per level.The two levels are quite comprehensive and no further tuition is required.

Omni-Tech also offers a language translator that translates directly as one types into the selected language.
The program has 6 inbuilt languages i.e French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and English.

For those unable to attend classes at the centre due to their busy schedule (or distance) the program can be installed
into their laptops and they can learn at their own place, time and pace.
The learning itself is not online.

Omni-Tech has trained and installed the language programs for the staff of major NGOs (in Kenya and Sudan),
international and UN organizations plus many other individual clients whose references we can give you.

Its an amazing Concept.